Shia LeBeouf: The Next Big Thing In Hollywood


Rising star Shia LeBeouf, pronounced as Shy-uh La-Buff, is to be credited with the box-office success of Disturbia. He has proven his box-office prowess as it stays at #1 spot for two consecutive weeks.

The news about LeBeouf playing a role side by side with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 4 helped him achieve bigger heights and brought magic to his recently released movie Disturbia.

He might be unfamiliar to you but he has already appeared on a number of Hollywood movies. You might have overlooked him in the The Battle of Shaker Heights,Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, The Greatest Game Ever Played, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Bobby.

Your eyes probably have passed on him on hit movies like Holes, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, I, Robot and Constantine.

Soon, he will be up again in another potential box-office hit, Transformers opening on July 4 as produced by Steven Spielberg and co.

Shia LeBeouf in fact started on TV at the age of 12, before breaking out in the movies. He starred on Fox's X-Files, NBC's Freaks and Geeks and Disney Channel's Even Stevens, where he snatched an Emmy award. And even prior to TV appearances, he was a stand-up comedian at the young age of 10, talking about dirty things in front of American audience. Thus, he was tagged as the "the 10-yr old boy with a 50-yr old mouth."

Now 20 years old, LeBeouf has already established his own name and with much potential, he'll soon be an A-list celebrity in Hollywood.

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