Tina Arrives In Manila


Tina Selomic from Slovenian Big Brother House arrived in Manila this morning at around 10:00 AM for the Big Brother Swap. Her trip lasted for 20 hours, but Tina was poised and showed no signs of exhaustion.

She was well-received by the Filipinos, and they have fallen for her charms.

Tina was given a special press conference this afternoon and there she was asked of her expectations in Pinoy Big Brother. She said she just wants to learn new things, enjoy, have fun and something positive to treasure for the rest of her life.\

On ABS-CBN's TV Patrol and on newspapers, Tina was tagged as a beauty queen, since she also joined a beauty pageant in Slovenia, and in the Philippines, once you joined a beauty contest you're already a beauty queen even if you did not win the title.

The Slovenians, as I've read on their forums, were shocked to hear that Tina is a beauty queen. For some of them, it isn't proper to call Tina a beauty queen, which I guess they're right because Tina hasn't won any beauty title at all.

There's a lot more to describe Tina, such as charming, lovely, beautilicious or headturner. I hope everyone learns a lesson from this.

Anyway, Tina will have a grand welcome tonight on Pinoy Big Brother.

Photos courtesy of Pinoy Big Brother.

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