Philippines' Adobo And Slovenia's Potica

Anytime now, Bruce Quebral of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 will be arriving at Slovenia for the Big Brother Swap.

Bruce will introduce to Slovenians the Filipino culture, like the traditional dance "tinikling" and most especially the Adobo. In turn, Tina of Big Brother Slovenia will travel to the Philippines, and the latter will get to know first hand the Slovenian culture.

One of Tinas's missions in the Philippines is to introduce Slovenia's traditional cake, the Potica or Wallnut Roll. Aside from Slovenia, Potica has also other variations in a number of European countries like Croatia and Italy.
On one hand, Philippines' pride, the Adobo comes in many forms like squid adobo, chicken adobo and the more popular pork adobo. There's even another one, the Adobong Kangkong, which is very popular in the provinces.

More photos:

Here's how to bake Potica or Wallnut Roll and how to cook Adobo.

Photos courtesy of Flickr.

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