Tina Has Found A New Love

Housemate 1: How do you describe me? Handsome?
Tina: Yes, you're handsome.
And another housemate got jealous.

Tina has definitely found a new love, friends to love actually. The overly confident and most perfect housemate Nel is very accomodating to Tina, even expressing that he's torn between Tina and Maricris (toink!!)

On this video, you can see Tina's new love, that is dancing to the tune of Pinoy Big Brother theme song PINOY AKO. She can really really dance great.

[video no longer available]

Look at this video, and see who dances like JLo. Nel? or Tina?

[video no longer available]


NEL: Do you like oats?
TINA: What is oats?
NEL: Oatmeal
TINA: What is that?
NEL: Like cereals
TINA: What is cereals?
NEL: Like oats

Nel: Tina, how many ex boyfriends do you have.
Tina: 2 serious relationships
1st bf: 4yrs, 2nd bf: more than a year
Nel: Do you have flings??
Tina: I'm always serious
Wendy: Only Nel has flings
Tina I like tall guys...

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