Bruce Will Bring Philippines To Europe

It's now official. Bruce is going to Europe for the Big Brother Swap.

Before Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Primetime announces the identity of the male housemate who is going to Slovenia, Big Brother Slovenia has already announced that it's the hunk and gorgeous Bruce Quebral who will stay in Slovenia for one week in exchange of Tina, who in turn, will travel to the Philippines in Thursday to stay in Pinoy Big Brother.

Big Brother Slovenia said that they chose Bruce because of his dynamics and appearance. According to them, they don't have a goodlooking guy in the house and Bruce will definitely bring competition among the men in Big Brother Slovenia.

They also described Philippines as a very exotic country and they are very much excited to see Bruce in Slovenia.

I was right that Bruce Quebral is the best choice, since he represents the true ideals, traits and the very Pinoy characteristics of the Filipinos. The values he has, his being a gentleman and family-oriented will surely make him endearing in the eyes of the Slovenian people, thus he will make the Philippines proud.

Since he first stepped into the Big Brother house, I've always believed in his ability and charm. In fact, I've made an article about him last March 07, by which you can find it HERE.

According to the reports at (translated into English:

"Bruce was the chosen housemate by the team of creators of Big Brother Slovenia.

Bruce is a former basketball player, playing for a team of UP Diliman. He's from Quezon, the eldest of 3 children. Two events marked on his life: the death of his father and the serious injury he got from playing basketball, because of which his basketball career ended.

In December 2002, his father was confined in the hospital because of cancer. Their family practically went through almost two years of staying beside the head of the family in the hospital that led to their bankruptcy. Their comfortable life fell apart and their father eventually died on September 12, 2004.

Later on, her mother fell ill with asthma, that is why she must stay in the hospital often for little time.

For his family, Bruce at the age of 20 started to engage in modelling. He played basketball and was a professional player until a fatal injury caused him to stop. There were also no enough offers for his modelling job.

Bruce is aware of the importance of keeping healthy, that's why he visits the gym regularly. He is unmarried at the moment.

BRUCE's LIFE IN PINOY BIG BROTHER HOUSE: He enterred the house as 11th occupant. Because of his charms, he has become an important figure in the house.

While inside the Big Brother house, his mother has to stay in the hospital because of asthma. Big Brother gave Bruce a difficult task he should do for his mother. He must play basketball and achieve 80,000 points. There were two rings outside the house. Bruce's co-housemates also helped, but Bruce wasn't aware. Even his family, friends, former co-players and other concerned people helped Bruce achieve his goal.

Bruce is one of the most popular occupants of the house because of his charm. He is friendly with all occupants and has not been involved in quarrel. Two occupants in the house fell in love with him and he has two male close friends in the house."

Meanwhile, I've translated some of Slovenian fans' reactions and some say that considering Bruce appearance, Slovenian housemate Jasmina will get interested to him. There's one who understands Bruce and Wendy are couple and feels sad that the two will separate. He also added that no other girl in Slovenia is worthy of him.

See the article in Slovene at

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