The Most Talked About Celebrity Birth In The Philippines


The name Kris Aquino can be equated to the words NEWS, CONTROVERSIES, SCANDALS and NATIONAL INTEREST.

She has just given birth to baby James, whose father is Purefoods Cager James Yap. Since the birth, it has been the content of the news being reported on TV, newspapers and tabloids. From the birth, up to Kris' breastfeeding, James' reaction and even that of Kris' other son Joshua, everything is being reported.

But at least, it's more interesting than the news of the upcoming Philippine elections, if Prospero Pichay is now in the Top 12 senators surveys, and much much more interesting than the feud between Alessandra de Rossi and Rhian Ramos, Janno Gibbs and Gladys Guevarra, between Mark Herras and Patrick Garcia, Polo Ravales and a starlet, Paolo Ballesteros and DJ Mo.

Here are the more than twenty articles about Kris Aquino's birth to baby James:
Kris Aquino now in labor!

Kris giving birth to baby James at Makati Med

Kris gives birth to baby James

(3rd Updates) Kris gives birth to baby James Jr.

Kris Aquino gives birth to baby James!

Kris Aquino delivers baby James prematurely.

Kris Aquino gives birth

Kris Aquino nanganak na

(update 5) Kris Aquino gives birth to second son, James Jr.

Kris gives birth to baby James

Kris gives birth ahead of schedule

Kris, James welcome Baby James Jr

The baby journal of James Yap Jr.

‘Kuya’ Noynoy cuts Mindanao sortie to be with Kris

James Yap, Sr. meets his junior version

Tita Cory on baby James: “Baka maging basketball player kamukha ni James”

Kris Aquino starts breastfeeding baby James

Mga celebrities, may mga regalo para kay baby James

(UPDATE) Kris’ baby in ICU, being treated for possible infection

Baby James showered with gifts from mom’s celebrity friends

Baby James, inilagay sa incubator

Kris, mabilis ang recovery

Kris gives birth to baby James

Aquino phones Estrada to inform him of grandson’s birth

Kris gives baby breastmilk 5 times despite CS pains

Baby James, maiiwan sa ospital

Kris’ Baby James is going to be okay

Kris nagpasuso kay Baby James

Mga eksena sa panganganak ni Kris

James hopes Kris has forgiven him

Doc: Baby James responding to treatment

Will the arrival of Kris and James’ baby heal the couple’s rift?

‘Baby James’ condition improving says doctor

Kris worse off than Baby James

Little James healthier than Mama Kris

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