Tina's Praises For The Philippines Don't Sound Good To Two Housemates


Big Brother Slovenia had its nominations yesterday, and four names were announced as the official nominees for eviction this week: Jasmina, Miha, Andrej and Alen.

Who nominated who?

Here's my own interpretation of the article in 24ur.com:

Stane nominated Alen because the latter doesn't contribute help whenever there is a problem in the house. He also picked Jasmina as one of the nominees, because he feels Jasmina doesn't exist in the house, she stays silent whenever there are issues. (Mykiru: But they usually have sweet moments together just like on the pic below, where Stane is wrapped under Jasmina's chests)

Andrej nominated Jasmina because she spoke the whole week that she wanted to go home and Tina, because after coming back from the Philippines, she feels like going home soon.

Alen on one hand chose Andrej because of a cooking issue, and Jasmina because she wishes to go home any moment.

Tjasa nominated Miha and Alen while Miha nominated Filipinized Tina, because he was hurt when Tina said that she likes Pinoy Big Brother house more than Slovenian Big Brother House. He also cited Alen to be nominated.

Stripper Jasmina nominated Miha because she finds him so strange and speaks to things without sense and connection. She also nominated Andrej.

Fresh from the Philippines, Tina nominated Miha because she doesn't get along with him, and Miha causes conflicts in the house. She also nominated Andrej, because Andrej doesn't speak good Slovene, thus he doesn't talk with her that much.

Both Andrej and Miha expressed that they were offended to hear about Tina praising more her experiences in the Philippines than her stay in the Big Brother Slovenia.

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5 Comment(s):

  1. miha and andrej should not be offended if tina likes pbb than sbb..she had a great time there and the hms really showed their hospitality to tina...the filipino hms treated tina equally.go tina we miss you!hope you'll visit our country again...

  2. nice to hear that words from tina...i hope that slovenian hms wont be offended...kasi maganda naman talaga ang trato ng mga filipino hms kay tina...hope to see her (tina) soon.

  3. aba at na-offend pa mga ugok? ang ganda nman talaga ng pakikisama ng mga pbb HM kay tina compared sa pinakita ng mga sbb kay bruce. miha kapal nang face after saying racism remarks against bruce!

  4. bakit maiinis sila...maganda naman talaga ang pakikitungo ng pbb housemates kaysa sa sbb housemates...dahil lang don ni nominate na nila si tina...how dare them...go tina

  5. hoy...ano ba naman kayo...siguro na-offennd lang sila kasi kinompara sila ni tina sa pbb hms...at feeling nila na mas proud pa si tina bilang isang pinoy than being a slovenian...lets be fair... hindi natin alam kung ano ang nararamdaman nila.