Big Brother Swap Update: Tina Of Slovenia Is Going To The Philippines

I have just conducted a Big Brother Swap poll here asking voters to choose who among the Slovenian candidates they would like to see in Pinoy Big Brother and Andrej emerged as the top favorite with 41.18%, followed by Pero 35.29% and 5.88% each for Miha, Stane, Tina and Alen.

And just recently, if nothing changes, Big Brother Slovenia has announced that it's Tina who would be going to Pinoy Big Brother in exchange for a Filipino housemate, who in turn will go to Big Brother Slovenia. This has not yet confirmed by Pinoy Big Brother, but it's most likely, Tina is the chosen one.

On the side of the Filipino housemates, I would like Nel Rapiz to be sent there. With the exotic and perfect beauty he has, he will surely be a standout in Big Brother Slovenia. Other alternate would be Bruce Quebral coz he has gorgeous Pinoy features.

Here's the full transcript of the announcement in Slovenia courtesy of JstSlo:

host: we must tell you that BB has prepared a really special surprise for one of you. tina.... tina, can you bake a real slovenian potica?

tina: no (host:no?!) well if I make an effort maybe yes, but still....

host: how about polka (exp: slovenian national dance)? how skilled are your feet with polka?

tina: alen taught me. we had a lot of practice with alen and now I'm quite good at it (exp: they had a dance marathon weekly task)

host: well tina, all of this, and also wearing of the national clothings, you will have to learn, cause you'll change the BB house, and you'll have to represent our culture in another BB house.

tina: what??? (btw: this is second 55 of the clip)

host: laughing

tina: noooo, what's up with this....?

host: yes tina, you're traveling (tina: where?) to another BB house

tina: yea right... No way, are you normal :)...(exp: the others are clapping and laughing)

host: Listen to me, tina (tina: I don't believe it) youre leaving on thursday (tina: where? - she has her hand in her mouth so its hard to hear it), you're going to the philippines!

tina: No chance! Nooo, comeon.... I'm not going anywhere (laughing)

host: yes chance! youre leaving for philippines on thursday, and you better learn the philippinos to bake our slovenian potica and other things when you get there! :)

tina: come on! (like stop kidding me, the others are clapping again, this is 1minute35seconds in the clip - now she starts crying), someone in the background is saying: crazy crazy crazy (in a good way of course)

host: are you not happy, tina? awww...

tina: no. and then to sonja: the last time... cause I wanna be with all of you...

host: tina, the philippines?

tina: well, I'll go if I must, but I'd rather stay with them.... again to sonja: philippines (a bit of laugh, and it gets hard to understand - houses something) oh come on

robert: I can go instead of her, I wont cry. (hehe a good one :) this is 2minutes10seconds)

tina: well, nothing to it, I'll go if I must, I don't have... (she was about to say I dont have any other option) No, this was a joke, no.....

host (repeating what she said, imitating her voice): no, it was a joke, no, tina, it was not a joke, for real, you're going to the philippines.

(to the audience) OK, tina will travel accompanied by our "babysitter" to the philippines on thursday, and for the whole week we'll watch her stay at the BB house... the philippinian house of course. But the housemates do not know that someone from the philippinian BB house will be joining them. mmhmh... this will be interesting, very interesting.

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Photo courtesy of Big Brother Slovenia.

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  2. hello Slovenian! i'm Elisa from Philippines saying u for sure you will not regret the one who will be sent there, Bruce, for he is so kind and hmm gorgeous with his exotic charm and hunkiness! waaaaw!

  3. Looking for full verison PBB to download anyone have it or know way to get it? (I've got BB SLO covered)