Slovenian Housemate Gets Evicted Because Of Bruce


Pero and Miha

Slovenian housemates Miha and Pero were automatically nominated and evicted respectively due to insulting Filipino housemate Bruce, who already left the house yesterday to heed back to the Philippines.

The insulting actually happened two days ago, when Bruce was given a treat by Slovenian Big Brother, by putting up a bunch of snow for Bruce outside. While Sonja and the brown-skinned housemate was outside, amazed with the snow and was making a snowman, Miha and Pero commmented a few jokes with other housemates inside about Bruce's skin color, which the Slovenian Big Brother found insulting not only to Bruce, but to all the Filipinos as well.

Miha jokingly commented that the jacuzzi will get dirty if Bruce steps into it. Pero also joked that a milk will turn into a cocoa if Bruce puts his finger to it.

Both defended that it was meant as jokes, but as for Big Brother's judgment, it's a serious violation of his rules because both said the jokes while Bruce wasn't around and they spoke in Slovene, not in English.

Big Brother effected his verdict after Bruce's departure so as to give due respect to him and for him not to be offended with the incident. He emphasized that Miha and Pero were nominated, not because they're racists, but because they broke his rules.

Both Miha and Pero were automatically nominated at first, but Pero added another insult in the house when he commented, intended as joke again, that he wanted Sonja to strike Big Brother with a sword for nominating him, but the latter took it seriously and Pero was immediately kicked out of the house.

After eviction, Pero was given a conference, not just only with the press but also with avid BBS followers. There he stressed that his remark for Bruce was a clean joke and even emphasized that he likes Bruce for being a great guy. His statement was just misunderstood by Big Brother, he said.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha! Good for them!!!!

  2. i felt so disapointed to pero and mija, they are so bad... bruce are so kind to them...he do his best to please slovene housemate but what is the outcome? gosh.. arent they know how to respect other people...THINK FIRST B4 U SAY SOMETHING TO OTHERS... besides ur not good looking guy pero & mija!!!

  3. Even though it was a joke, those are offending words, and if bruce or any filipino heard that, he or she will be hurt.. And he made that joke in Slovene? If he was really joking only, why did he not speak in English? Was Miha also evicted?

  4. hello miha wasn't evicted, but he's still automatically nominated along the previously nominated sonja and jasmina.

  5. wHoA!!! i think, ABS-CBN won't let us know about the milk and jacuzzi thng.. maybe they're just going to publish what were the punishments for both Miha and Pero as to what Toni said last night (04/27/07). Sayang, akala ko pa naman, they were nice as what i've observed while Bruce is at Slovene Big Brother House through ABS-CBN.... sana, we can take a look as to what really happened through videos..

  6. pero is rily cute!.. hahahaha..^_^

  7. grabe...ang sakit naman nilang magsalita purket medyo may kaiitiman tayo ay ppwede nalang nila tayo lait-laitin...bakit dito sa pilipinas maganda naman ang pakikisama natin kay tina...hindi man lang nila na isip na naka-kaoffend sila ng tao...akala ko pa na man mabait sila...nakakainis