Pinoy Big Brother Heats Up Yahoo Searches

With the Big Brother Swap happening between Philippines and Slovenia, Pinoy Big Brother has gained worldwide popularity.

People in the whole world get curious with Pinoy Big Brother as they search on Yahoo! and even on other search engines, searching for scandals and controversies in the said Philippine program.

Yahoo! Buzz just released its 20 most searched scandals and I was so surprised to see that Pinoy Big Brother scandal landed on #1 slot. Another Big Brother affiliate, the Big Brother Australia is at #17 spot while another Philippine-related scandal, Mark Herras scandal follows at 18th.

1. Pinoy Big Brother Scandal
2. Watergate Scandal
3. Enron Scandal
4. Celebrity Scandals
5. American Idol Scandals
6. Duke Lacrosse Scandal
7. Paris Hilton Scandal
8. Don Imus Scandal
9. WorldCom Scandal
10. Miss USA Scandal
11. Student Loan Scandal
12. Britney Spears Scandal
13. Teapot Dome Scandal
14. Citigroup News Scandal
15. Black Sox Scandal
16. Miss Nevada Scandal
17. Australian Big Brother Scandal
18. Mark Herras Scandal
19. Wolfowitz Scandal
20. Newt Gingrich Scandal

I know that those people who have searched about Pinoy Big Brother scandal have been disappointed to get no significant search results for PBB scandal except for Chx Alcala's nude photos, Sam Milby's gay issue with Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson's making out with a starlet, Franzen Fajardo's call of nature, Rustom Padilla's gay revelation and Dionne-Zeke's flirtations.

I don't know if this is a bit of good or bad news. But one thing is sure, Pinoy Big Brother has conquered the world. Keep rockin' PBB.

For a compilation of Pinoy Big Brother scandals, visit PINOY URGE.

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