'Disturbia': Almost Fractured In The US Box Office

Good thing that Disturbia stays at #1 at the US Weekend Box Office.

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkin's latest movie Fractured, which also stars Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling landed at #2. (If you could remember, Gosling was in the American series Hercules playing the title role. It was tagalized in the Philippines in the 90's, aired on ABS-CBN. I will never forget him).

Blades of Glory remains strong at #3, now reaching the $100m mark. Another strong movie Meet the Robinsons comes nearer in the hundred million dollar bracket.

After staying in the TOP 10 for 6 weeks, '300' slipped down to #11, even surpassed by Wild Hogs, who has been staying in the Top 10 for 8 weeks now. However, '300' gross receipts in the US box-office has reached to $205M as compared to Wild Hogs' $156M.

Weekend US Box Office Estimates
April 20-22

1. Disturbia
2. Fracture
3. Blades of Glory
4. Vacancy
5. Meet the Robinsons
6. Hot Fuzz
7. Are We Done Yet?
8. In the Land of Women
9. Perfect Stranger
10. Wild Hogs

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