The Legacy Of Bruce In Slovenia


In just barely a week of staying in Slovenia, Bruce Quebral has easily caught the hearts of the Slovenians.

Bruce has captivated the Slovenians with his endearing manly attitude, sweetness and sincerity as seen on Big Brother Slovenia. In fact, in the poll conducted by, Bruce garnered 50% of votes as Mister of the Slovenian Big Brother, beating the Slovenian male housemates.

In return, Big Brother Slovenia has thought of a way to help Bruce, to give back to what Bruce has contributed to Slovenian TV, by selling out t-shirts with Bruce's signature embedded on it.

Here's the article from translated from Slovene to English:


Charitable initiative for Bruce, t-shirts with his signature!

Filipino housemate Bruce enterred Big Brother Slovenia just last Saturday, but has become so popular to the viewers.

His numerous admirers expressed their wishes on to help him and his family in the Philippines.

Bruce is former basketball and the eldest amomg three siblings. Two events marked his life: death of his father in 2004 and the knee injury, which stopped his flourishing career in basketball.

Bruce must take care of his family alone after his father's death, and he has to bring money for the family.

The proceeds for the sale of t-shirts will be given to Bruce and his family.

Special thanks to Katjab of Slovenia.

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  1. ei. is it true that pero was evicted from the sbb house?

  2. yes he has been evicted in the house.