'Blades' Remains Strong At The US Box Office


For the second straight weekend, Blades of Glory topped the US Box Office. It has now a cummulative gross of $63.4 million.
Meet the Robinsons stays at #2 for its second week.
Former box-office champ '300' is slowly going down the chart. It's now at #6 for its 5th weekend.
Also once a top charter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has almost left the top 10, settling down at #9 on its 3rd weekend even eclipsed by Shooter which also debuted the same time as the Turtles.
New entries are Are We Done Yet?, Grindhouse, The Reaping and Firehouse Dog at #3, 4, 5 and 10 respectively.

1. "Blades of Glory," $23 million.
2. "Meet the Robinsons," $17 million.
3. "Are We Done Yet?", $15 million.
4. "Grindhouse," $11.6 million.
5. "The Reaping," $10.1 million.
6. "300," $8.8 million.
7. "Wild Hogs," $6.8 million.
8. "Shooter," $5.8 million.
9. "TMNT," $4.9 million.
10. "Firehouse Dog," $4 million.

Figures courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

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