The Aftermath: Tears, Hugs, Reconciliation

Now that Tina is gone of the Slovenian Big Brother house to travel to the Philippines, let's get to know how the remaining Slovenian housemates are.

Here's my translation of the report by (from Slovene to English):


When Tina is gone of the Big Brother house, housemates cried and it was Stane who cried the most. Pero and Suzana make up with each other.

Last night, Big Brother housemates organized a farewell party and had some toasts for Tina's safe and happy flight to the Philippines. After Tina left, the house was full of tears, hugs, sadness and finally, the reconciliation between Suzana and Pero.

Housemates comfort each other.

Stane will surely miss Tina.

Andrej reassures Suzana of Tina's return.

Sad Miha

Jasmina and Tjasa comforts Stane.

Pero and Suzana hold hands, and promise not to fight anymore.

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