Paul The Octopus now a "Football Superstar" | Germans want him fried

After the Spaniards succeeded against Germans in last night's FIFA World Cup 2010 semi-finals, Paul The Psychic Octopus who predicted Spain to win over his home country Germany is now facing threats from some angry German fans.

Kawawa naman!

During the match last night, some German fans chanted a song against Paul the Octopus out of their disappointment that he chose Spain over Germany.

And their anger got even worse when Spain indeed won, with the score 1-0, causing Germany to lose a chance of reaching this year's World Cup championship.

Now some of them wants Paul to be fried and turn into a "calamares".

Wow, that's delicious!

On Facebook, there's a lot of pages hating Paul and want to eat him.

We can't blame them to feel that way, but can't they just be proud of Paul The Octopus?

With his 100% accuracy, Paul is now being regarded as a "Football Superstar" even if he's not a football player.

It's amazing that he was able to score 6 out of 6 and now his next job is to predict who between Germany and Uruguay will occupy the 3rd place as they face each other on Saturday, July 10.

Will Paul's owner/caretaker allow him to predict again after all those threats?

Let's also recognize Singapore's Mani The Parakeet for also predicting correctly the outcome of the match between Spain and Germany. He may have picked the wrong one between Uruguay and Netherlands, but Mani was actually the first to predict that Spain will win over Germany.

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