Park Yong Ha's ex-girlfriend Kim Eugene attends the actor's funeral

Park Yong Ha girlfriendPark Yong Ha's ex-girlfriend Kim Yoo-jin or more popularly known as Eugene was among the Korean stars who attended the actor's funeral at SungMo Hospital in Seoul, South Korea.

Eugene and Park Yong Ha were once lovers, especially during the time they were doing the Korean drama "Loving You".

While we saw Park Yong Ha on "Endless Love II: Winter Sonata" shown here on GMA 7, we have seen Eugene on "Save the Last Dance For Me", "Wonderful Life" and "Three Dads with One Mommy" all shown on ABS-CBN.

Park Yong Ha and Eugene

Park Yong Ha died early morning yesterday. (Read story HERE.)

Aside from Eugene, other Korean stars spotted at the funeral were Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong-joon (Park Yong Ha's co-actors in "Winter Sonata"), So Ji Sub (Ryan in "Memories of Bali"), Kim Hyun Joo (Jun Pyo's elder sister in "Boys Over Flowers"), Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 leader, Ji Hoo of "Boys Over Flowers"), Kim Hyung Joon and Kim Kyu Jong (also from SS501), Kim Bum (Yi Jung of "Boys Over Flowers"), Kim Ki-bum (U-Kiss member), Song Yun Ah and Park Si Yeon (Yong-ha's co-stars in "On Air"), Song Seung Hun (star of "East of Eden") and Yoon Eun Hye (Janelle of "Princess Hours").

Here are the pictures of some stars who went there and they're really grieving for the loss of their friend:

Photos via All Korean Gossip

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  1. Q pasa con los actores y actrices koreanas q toman esa decisiones, no existes medicamentos depresivos, ni psicólogos o psiquiatras para esos momentos difíciles, no respetan la vida ni a Dios. Que es ese ejemplo q le están dando a la juventud, q no se puede sufrir, q hay q darse por vencido de esa forma. No estoy de acuerdo, me niego aceptar esa cobardía, sin pensar a los q dejan atrás sufriendo no y no y no .......