Have You Been Fooled On April Fool's Day?

I've never experienced pratical jokes or being fooled during April Fool's Day. Probably, here in the Philippines, this special day is not as important as Christmas or Valentine's Day.

But in other countries, mostly European countries like France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Scotland, the Netherlands as well as in Australia, Canada and some states in the US, April Fool's Day is a big celebration and a great time to fool someone else.

One example of a popular April Fool's joke was when Chinese and Korean people were made to believe by some websites that multi-billionaire Bill Gates was assassinated as reported by CNN. Koreans panicked and caused 1.5% decrease in the Korean stock market.

Even Peter Jackson, the director of blockbuster hit King Kong, made a practical joke that King Kong movie will have a sequel with a title Son of Kong, to be starred by King Kong's son. Jackson was so believable that his production team rushed and made caricatures, drawings and computer animations for the movie, which was just a big big joke.

In ordinary situations, I have asked some ordinary people about being fooled on April 1.

And here's what I got from them:

"I saw an article in Sports Illustrated about a pitcher that threw 163 mph. I kept looking for the guy in the Mets lineup til someone told me it was an April Fools joke," philosofurrier

"Yeah lol my mom came up 2 me n said dad hung himself in the basement and i was like WWHAAAAAAAT? And then she said i was kiddin-he hung himself in the bathroom...," Niko

"my friend told me that wal-mart dont charge if u use your credit cards that one of the employer just told him that so he taught what a wonderful experince to share ,so i max out my card on grocerires for the month on to be suprised on how they flogged my head at the end of the month," combs

I also asked a few, how they would want to be fooled, one gave a serious answer like, "I would like to be told that 9/11 never happened, the war in Iraq never took place and that the world was really at peace," and one named Madame M wished a bunch of flowers with a big "Happy Birthday!" note attached (her birthday isn't until August). "I wouldn't mind thinking I'd won the lottery for a few minutes. Or someone setting my alarm clock an hour forward (and not getting upset when I got an extra hour of sleep). Or something goofy and silly, and meant with love. That's good, too," she said.

I, myself, don't want to be fooled so I have no reason to fool somebody else. But then again, I'm curious of what other people can say about it.

How about yours? Have you ever been fooled on April Fool's Day? If you were to fool somebody else, who would it be and why? Share yours.

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