Crucifixion In The Philippines

Here's a video of Crucifixion in the Philippines, happening every Good Friday, which has gone to be of great interest to both foreign and local tourists.

This kind of sacrifice has been debated on by different sectors. The Catholic church in the Philippines expressed that it isn't necessary to be crucified just to show you sacrifice for God.

According to Monsignor Pedro Quitorio of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines as quoted from Philippine Star, We are doubtful that these activities outside the parishes are real expressions of Christian faith."

"We believe these are expressions of superstitious beliefs and usually done out of need for money and for tourism purposes."

The Filipinos have mixed reactions about it. Others make them more proud to be a Filipino, but some believe that it is another reason to be ashamed of being a Filipino.

Personally, I also don't like Filipinos doing it, but who am I to judge them? It's their choice, but the Church needs something to do about it.

As for non-Filipinos, I've heard one say after seeing the video, "i've met lots of Filipinos ashamed of being Filipino. now that i've seen this, i understand why..."

However, some foreign people would admire Filipinos' courage and faith to be crucified. "No reason to be ashamed. More countries have stronger shame causes. Militarist nations, for example. At least they do that as a faith-fact, they do not go overseas to kill people."

Just yesterday, tourists and journalists from other countries flock to Pampanga to cover the event and witness the crucifixion of seven devotees. They were amazed with what they have seen. Some even expressed that they are open to the idea of being crucified someday, while others feel how extreme the Filipino beliefs are.

This event has turned into a world event. CNN as well as other foreign media have reported the event. I have read in that one tourist from Spain said that Spanish people are Catholics but they don't do that anymore in Spain.

Here's Sebastian Horsley, a London writer, who submitted himself for crucifixion in the Philippines in the year 2000.

The video was exhibited in London in 2002 and he has just posted the video on Youtube last Thursday and here's what he said.

"I have to say, Easter never really meant anything to me. That season when we remind each other of the judicial murder of a Jewish revolutionary two
thousand years ago by distributing chocolate eggs to the children of people we dislike.

But then I got crucified. Now, I'm not religious. Well it's true I worship beauty, and beautiful people like myself, but I never seem to be able to
find the right church. But I've always had a bit of a thing for the crucifixion. A host of ideas are seen to meet at the site. God and Religion,
good and evil, life and death. A man should always test himself in the most superficial areas of existence.

Now every Easter I get articles written about me in the press which is nice. Somehow whether you like it or not, the Horsley has got into Easter.
But so what? It's better than what you normally have. I mean, have you any idea how the rabbit got into Easter? Pagan fertility stuff or Walt Disney cuteness?

Whatever the reason, my feeling is : eat the fucker." Sebastian Horsley

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