Who won the World Cup 2010? It's Spain! Viva España!

If in case you missed watching the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Match yesterday, the winner was Spain, beating the Netherlands, held in Johannesburg Stadium, South Africa.

In Spanish, "España campeon de la Copa Mundial 2010".

The final score was 1-0 and Spain must really thank its player Andres Iniesta for scoring that one important goal.

And that one goal by Iniesta has brought one historic win for Spain because it's their first ever FIFA World Cup Championship title.

It was also Spain's first time to play in a World Cup finals.

60 years ago, back in 1950, Spain finished 4th and it was their highest ever placement in the FIFA World Cup, but not anymore this 2010.

The victory of Spain also confirmed Paul The Octopus' prediction. It's amazing that Paul was 100% correct in all of his 8 predictions.

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