Spain will be the FIFA World Cup 2010 Champion, says Mani The Parakeet

Yesterday, I blogged about Mani, Singapore's 13-year-old parakeet (a specie of parrot), who's now fast-becoming famous because his predictions for the World Cup 2010 quarterfinals last week turned out 100% correct. (Read: Mani, the Parakeet (Parrot), predicts Uruguay vs Spain in World Cup 2010 Finals)

And there we've known that Mani The Parakeet has already predicted that Uruguay and Spain will win their respective match in the semis, which will be held July 6 and 7 in South Africa.

According to the bird, we will see Uruguay and Spain in the finals happening on July 11.

Just today, Singapore's The New Paper has published a new article about Mani and he already made his prediction as to who between Spain and Uruguay will emerge as champion of FIFA World Cup 2010. And as what you can see in the photo, Mani The Parakeet has picked Spain over Uruguay.

I feel so much excited if these predictions are gonna happen later.

Spain is actually the highest-ranked team of all the 4 remaining teams in the World Cup this year.

FIFA World Ranking (before the World Cup 2010):
1 Brazil
2 Spain
3 Portugal
4 Netherlands
5 Italy
6 Germany
7 Argentina
8 England
9 France
10 Croatia
11 Russia
12 Egypt
13 Greece
14 USA
15 Serbia
16 Uruguay
17 Mexico
18 Chile
19 Cameroon
20 Australia

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