Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Page back to normal after the court drama

After the heartbreaking court drama, Lindsay Lohan is back on her Twitter Page as if nothing happened.

It's morning now in the US, but the night before, Lindsay managed to drop by on her Twitter an hour after the life-changing 90-day jail
sentence she got in court.

Lindsay even invited some of her friends on Twitter to come over to her apartment. So probably, she invited them not for a party, but because she needed company to be with her in this saddest moment in
her life.

Lindsay also thanked her good friend Kim Kardashian, who earlier posted a tweet of love and support for her.

"Thank you so much @KimKardashian - thanks for being such a good friend, it means a lot to me," Lindsay's tweet said.

On July 20, she will surrender herself in jail to start her sentence, so maybe for now, she's already making the most out of the 2 weeks remaining for her.

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