Jake Cuenca Butt Exposure - Winner!

Winner na winner ang butt exposure ni Jake Cuenca sa Bench Uncut Fashion Show last night.

Jake showed his "behind" only for a short time, but with the help of a quick flash from a camera, the excitement it brings will last for a long time.

He was like a Persian King with a cape on, but only wearing an underwear. He was actually wearing two undies, and he even threw one of them to the audience.

I would like to correct my previous post last night. Jake wasn't wearing a T-back but an "open back" underwear.

And no doubt, it was among the highly-applauded segments of the event last night!

Now I love Jake Cuenca even more.

As Aiza Bolor said on Facebook, "I don't really appreciate Jake Cuenca not until last night."

Keep getting bolder Jake!

Photo courtesy of Mr. Carlo Orosa

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