Holland is FIFA World Cup 2010 Winner - Psychic Mani's Final Forecast

Mani, The Psychic Parakeet Parrot from Singapore, has made a new forecast for the FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals.

This time, Psychic Mani has predicted Holland or the Netherlands to emerge as winner over Spain (España).

It's contrary to its previous prediction that Spain will be World Cup 2010 winner, but only if it was between Spain and Uruguay.

And since Mani was wrong when it predicted a Uruguay-Spain clash in the finals, it had to pick again now between Netherlands or Spain, choosing the Netherlands as champion.

Mani so far has 5 correct out of its 6 predictions. That's 83.33%. And if he guesses it right again, it will be 85.71%. But if he's wrong again, the accuracy rate will be 71.42%, which is below passing rate and that means, he should stop making predictions already.

Watch a video report about it:

It is already the 3rd time that Holland will be playing in a World Cup Finals. The 1st and 2nd time were in 1974 and 1978 but it only finished as runner-up in both years. In 1998, Holland placed 4th.

While Spain is enjoying its historic moment of being in the World Cup finals for the very first time. The highest achievement by Spain in World Cup was 60 years ago, when it placed 4th in 1950.

Now, who would you like to win this year's World Cup?

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