ordered to pay "Hai Yun Nu" over photo scandal

A Chinese search engine ( has been asked by the court in China to pay 22,000 yuan or $3,240 to a woman just because of a net photo scandal, according to Shanghai Daily.

A girl who is nicknamed as "Hai Yun Nu" (maritime girl in English) sued Baidu in October last year because of the site's failure to delete her photos.

When in fact, Baidu is just a search engine and not actually the site responsible for the upload.

The photos were uploaded on the net by Hai Yun Nu's ex-boyfriend in May 2009 and the girl's camp actually just wanted Baidu to delete her photos on the search results.

But Baidu failed to do it. According to site, they deleted them but their users kept uploading it until it become uncontrollable.

Hai Yun Nu may have suffered shame over the naked photos, but in the end, she's still one lucky girl after all.

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