Pacquiao vs Hatton Boxing Match

The much awaited fight between the Philippines' Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao and UK's Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton is about to happen on Saturday night, May 02, 2009 (May 3 in Manila and UK) at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Pacquiao vs Hatton fight, which is tagged as the Battle between the East and the West, will be a fight for the IBO Light welterweight title and The Ring Magazine Junior Welterweight title.

Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao has a record of 48 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws with 36 knock-outs while British boxer Ricky only lost once and won 45 times already, 32 of which were via knockouts.

Manny and Ricky plus the fighters for the undercard matches just had their weigh-ins a few hours back and here are the results:

Manny Pacquiao 138 lbs - Ricky Hatton 140 lbs
Humberto Soto 130 - Benoit Gaudet 129
Daniel Jacobs 163 - Michael Walker 162
Matt Korobov 161 - Anthony Bartinelli 161
Erislandy Lara 156 - Chris Gray 155
Abner Mares 119 - Jonathan Perez 120
Bernabe Concepcion 126 - Yogili Herrera 126
Joe Murray 126 - Missael Nunez 126
Omar Chavez 144 - Tyler Ziolowski 142
Matthew Hatton 149 - Ernesto Zepeda 146
Mike Alvarado 142 - Joaquin Gallardo 141.5

It's going to be a super exciting fight. Who between Pacquiao and Hatton will win the fight? Read on for the predictions of some boxers and writers:


Errol Hyppolite of East Side Boxing
"Pacman by Knockout. Pacman should win this fight handedly but Hatton will certainly have his moments. Pacman’s superior speed, defense, chin, and his level of competition will give Manny the edge he needs to be victorious.

Hatton certainly has a good chance to win this fight and certainly should do better than most people think he will. I believe he will give Pacman some problems for about 4 rounds but after that Pacman will adjust and be able to catch Hatton coming in. If Pacman goes toe-to-toe he will be fighting Hatton’s game and may lose. Hatton should do his very best to make an inside fight and bang away at the body to slow Pacman down. Pacman will need to catch Hatton coming in with flush jabs, left hands, and right hooks (Manila Ice) coming in."

Michael Wood of The Sweet Science
"Me, I believe that these three factors will loom largest, and will carry the 30-year-old Pacquiao to a unanimous decision victory.

1) The Lefty Thing-I see Ricky getting dinged by Manny’s straight left hand time and again, and never being able to adjust to the Filipino’s southpaw stance, no matter how much he and Floyd Senior have worked on it.

2) Speedy Delivery-If and when Pacquiao and Hatton launch simultaneously, I see Pacman’s toss getting there first. Will his speed edge “kill?” No, I don’t see Manny being able to do what Floyd Jr did, render Hatton discombobulated to the point that referee Kenny Bayless will be counting the Hitman out, or calling for a stop. But Manny’s supposed speed edge will give him an edge in punches landed, and will impress the judges enough to support a UD.

3) Fight The Power-Hatton will be the biggest man Manny has ever fought, the strongest foe he’s ever tangled with, right? That’s conventional wisdom. But I don’t think all that much of Hatton’s pop, especially against a mobile pugilist like Manny, who features such stellar footwork. Yes, I know Hatton has the better KO percentage (70% to 68%). But I think Hatton needs a KO or stoppage to secure a win more than Manny does, and I cannot really see him pulling that off."


DAVID HAYE - Heavyweight contender & former cruiserweight world champion
"Hatton has taken his career to new heights with his new trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr and a more professional, healthy approach to living between fights.

"I see Hatton winning a very close, hard-fought decision. He may have to get off the floor but he will find a way to win."

KEN BUCHANAN - Former lightweight world champion
"Ricky has been a great ambassador for British boxing for many years and I'll put a couple of bob on him but you can't change Ricky, he's set in how he boxes.

"He goes forward, he's a pressure fighter and against Pacquiao he'll do what he's always done - and Pacquiao, who's a tremendously talented fighter, will be too fast for him."

JOE CALZAGHE - Former super-middle & light-heavyweight world champion
"It's going to be a tough fight for Ricky but he's got a better chance of beating Manny than Floyd Mayweather Jr [who beat Hatton in 2007].

"Ricky definitely has the height advantage against Pacquiao, so if he can close the range and cut him down he has a great chance of winning. He's got to take his chance."

SIR HENRY COOPER - British heavyweight legend
"Hatton should win because he's bigger and heavier - and he's no slouch himself. Hatton found it hard moving up and now Pacquiao is doing the same.

"The first three rounds might be a bit flashy and fast for him but he'll wear Pacquiao down, which is why Hatton will win in the latter rounds."

RICHIE WOODHALL - Former super-middleweight world champion
"I think Pacquiao will cause Hatton all sorts of problems but he hasn't got Floyd Mayweather's speed or skills and Hatton's still the best light-welterweight in the world.

"Pacquiao's fast but he's busy and in your face and that should suit Hatton down to the ground. It will be Hatton's hardest fight ever but he'll have too much."

CARL FROCH - WBC super-middleweight champion
"Ricky has got a very difficult job ahead of him. He's the underdog and he's going to struggle but I think he is going to pull it off.

"He's bigger and stronger than Pacquiao and if the referee lets him fight his fight, which is a rough, dirty, pub-brawl type of fight, he'll rough him up and he'll beat him."

JAMES DEGALE - Olympic middleweight champion
"It's a fantastic fight and one that I would pay to see. It's 50-50 and depends on whoever sticks to their game plan on the night.

"If Pacquiao goes out and boxes Hatton he will win on a points decision but if Hatton can draw Pacquaio into a fight, he is a bigger and stronger man and I believe he will be victorious."

BARRY MCGUIGAN - Former featherweight world champion
"It's a pick'em fight, with Pacquiao's speed and combinations against Hatton's strength and power, although Floyd Mayweather Sr has done a good job in making Hatton more subtle.

"But Hatton will have to attack and use his relentlessness, it won't be won on boxing ability. If forced to make a prediction, I'd say Hatton on points."

FRANK WARREN - Hatton's former promoter
"I have to admit I don't like Hatton's chances. Boxing at light-welterweight will suit Hatton but it will favour Pacquiao more.

"Pacquiao will be that bit quicker than he was against Oscar de la Hoya at welterweight - and even stronger."

Paneech of Paneech[dot]com
"I think Pacquiao is too good to lose this fight. Hatton will try to rough up Pacquiao in the early rounds because that is how he always fights. The only chance I think Hatton has of winning is if he can land a big shot early on and get the knockout. Pacquiao is just too fundamentally sound. My prediction: Manny Pacquiao by TKO in the 9th."

GG of Fight Game Blog
"Pacquiao by decision. I just have this feeling that Hatton is being overlooked here. I know that it’s Pacquiao’s world right now, especially after retiring Oscar De La Hoya. I know he’s been in the memorable wars and has made the successful climb in weight a few times now. But is a hungry and overlooked Ricky Hatton a dangerous Ricky Hatton? I think so. I think this fight goes all the way down to the end and it’s a toss up with the judges deciding. I think a 10-8 round from a knock down could decide the fight. It’s that close."

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