'New Moon' trailer leaked!!! Watch the teaser trailer!!!

The first 15 seconds of the official trailer of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, full of trailer which is supposed to debut at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, May 31, has allegedly been leaked, as they claim.

But watching the said leaked trailer of 'New Moon', it seems like it's already a teaser preview of the movie and of course, a promo for the MTV Movie Awards 2009 where the full and complete official trailer of 'New Moon' will be shown.

Watch the teaser trailer of 'New Moon':

Hurry before it gets deleted!

And there they kissed once more.

They have been using the kissing scenes of Edward and Bella as early promo for the 'New Moon'.

A few days back, we also had some photos of Edward and Bella while shooting one of their kissing scenes in the movie.

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