Hayden Kho-Piolo Pascual-Sam Milby scandal

Yes, you've read it right!

So shocking, isn't it????!!!

Hayden Kho, Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby have their own scandals!!!

Three separate "scandals"...to make it clear!

Scroll down to know...

Note: Katuwaan lang po ito! Walang mapipikon!

Bakit parang nandidiri si Hayden? 'Di naman siguro. Wala lang sa mood!!!

It's not actually the "Careless Whisper" that brought Hayden and Katrina closer to each other, but it's Hayden's "Careless Whistle" to Katrina. Hayden definitely nailed it!

Hayden definitely loves dogs!

The first rehearsal

The "half-way there" rehearsal

[image removed]
The "almost there" rehearsal

[image removed]
No longer a rehearsal

Now we know why Hayden loves Pacman. His Round 2 video says it all...

Time out muna tayo kay Hayden!!!!

Iba ang na-i-imagine ko sa eksenang ito. Toni kneeling in front of Sam? Ahmm sounds so sexy!!! (Parang gusto ni Sam, pero mukyang ayaw ni Toni!)

Piolo loves nips??? Piolo's right hand touching his own nip while his left hand is touching Diet's nip. Wala naman sigurong masama 'dun! Straight men like them also love to play with their nips!!! (Ako din! Gusto ko 'yun!)

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