Nadine Samonte video scandal

Katrina Halili's fellow StarStruck alumna Nadine Samonte is worried there's also a "Nadine Samonte Video Scandal" available online.

During the presscon for the upcoming GMA show SRO Cinemaserye Presents: Suspetsa, Nadine was asked if she also has a s-x video hiding from the closet. Of course, she denied there is an existing video of herself.

But Nadine shared to the press that she herself is worried about being involved in a scandal video.

That is why, Nadine searched for her own scandal on Google but she found nothing.

Why would Nadine be worrying about it if she herself is not doing the "thing" right? If Nadine is confident that she never engaged in a scandalous act, she doesn't need to worry.

Nadine quickly defended herself.

“I mean, kahit alam naman nating wala tayong ganu’n, minsan kasi, may kamukha tayo, ‘di ba? Malay natin, may kamukha pala ako! Pero, mabuti naman at wala talaga."

Got your point Nadine!


As for other issues...

Some female young stars seem so careless in answering queries.

I remember one young actress being asked if she is indeed pregnant.

"Hindi po! May period nga ako ngayon eh!" she said in an interview.

Other young actresses were also caught saying that.

Is it the right way to answer that question? That could mean they are really engaging in pre-marital s-x and their "monthly period" is their own basis of detecting if they're pregnant or not.

If a young star is not engaging on it, she should have defended herself by saying she never had s-x. That would end the story for sure.

On Photo: Nadine with Polo Ravales in GMA 7's past show Maging Akin Ka Lamang

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