About the 'Abby Cruz in Boracay' post

Maybe some of you are wondering what happened to my post about Abby Cruz in Boracay. The post's content and the images have been removed as requested by someone who was present during the after-party at the Century Tuna event in Borcay.

In that particular post, Abby was photographed with Ram Sagad on two photos and with Ervic Vijandre on another two photos along with some other friends.

It was entitled, Abby Cruz, drunk and flirty in Boracay?, with a question mark because it might be true or not and it's up to the readers to judge.

There was actually nothing malicious on the photos. It's just that Abby has a boyfriend in the person of Paolo Bediones, but I was quick to add in the later part of the post that Paolo is, maybe, an understanding boyfriend and he will give no malice on the photos.

On one photo, Abby was the one hugging Ervic, who was visibly had a dose of alcohol and was so red and blushing.

In defense of Abby, someone sent me an e-mail asking me to remove the post and the photos. Since Mykiru is a friendly and understanding blogger, I've granted his request.

For the purpose of transparency, here's some parts of the letter:

"...I am humbly asking for your consideration to remove the photos and blog about Abby being drunk at the said event. I find it questionable as I myself was there and I can prove the fact that she was not drunk and not flirty at all. All of the contestants treat each other as brothers and sisters that's why they were that close. I hope you understand that I do not want to put any problem which might arise from the post and photos in the blog.

This is also to respect the privacy of the people who were in the photos.

Hoping for your consideration. Thank you so much..."


Okay, so that clears things up! Issue closed and resolved!!!

Till the next Century Tuna Superbods event!

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  1. can i just say that Abby Cruz was known for that flirtatious charm because she is really is a FLIRT. Paolo Bediones was really smart enough to just break up with her because Abby was just using Paolo for her to be known in showbiz. But I'm soooo SORRY ate,wla kang talent at hindi totoong ng tatake up ng home study yan! hindi nga tapos ng college yan sa CSB. 2nd year college yan nung nag stop pumasok dahil ang pangarap ng ate mo ay maging artista at yumaman bigla at mg jowa ng mayayaman. LOVE IT!!!! =) so tama lang sa kanya na naging Christian effect sha para bumait, DAI hindi lahat ng ng CChristian ay nagging busilak. ILUSYUNADA ka pa din!