"Spankwire.com Katrina Halili" heats up on Google Search!

Katrina Halili is now almost in the same level with international Pinay singing sensation Charice Pempengco and Philippines' best boxer ever Manny Pacquiao.

They are by far the only full-blooded Pinoys to penetrate the widely-used Google Search (USA) in its "Top 100 Hot Trends", at least in a particular day in the US.

So, we're talking about here of what people in the US (not in the Philippines) are searching for right at this moment.

I mentioned in my previous post that Charice entered the list (at #53) last September 19, 2008 during her first Oprah guesting while Manny Pacquiao did it on many occasions, during his fights in October 6, 2007 (#6), March 15, 2008 (#4), June 28, 2008 (#18), December 6, 2008 (#10) and May 2, 2009(#20).

And now, sexy Filipina actress Katrina Halili joins the ranks of Charice and Pacquiao as she makes her debut in the latest Google Search (United States) 100 Hot Trends for May 30, 2009. She is currently ranked #33 and might climb up anytime soon.

But it's unsure whether it will manage to stay there until the day ends.

That is in connection with her s-x video with Hayden Kho, which has been downloaded on the internet last week.

People from the US are searching right at this moment for the term "spankwire.com Katrina Halili".


There's no Hot 100 Trends for Google Search Philippines. If there is, Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili might have been on top of the list for over a week now.

In Google Search Singapore, Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, and Maricar Reyes were three of the 100 most-searched items in Singapore for May 19, 20 and May 21:

May 19
#16. hayden kho scandal, #27. hayden kho, #29. katrina halili hayden kho, #36. hayden kho and katrina halili scandal, #67. dr. hayden kho scandal, #87. maricar reyes hayden kho, #88. maricar reyes, #96. katrina halili scandal download

May 20
#27. katrina halili hayden kho, #54. maricar reyes model, #68. maricar reyes hayden kho, #96. dr. hayden kho scandal, #100. katrina halili scandal download

On May 21, Sen. Bong Revilla joined them in the Hot 100:

#54. Bong Revilla Scandal, #57. katrina halili hayden kho, #59. maricar reyes model


Truly, the scandal is reaching every part of the world. Obama's gonna watch it!

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