Jiro Shirakawa, Mossimo Bikini Summit '09 winner

Feast your eyes of these great photos of 19-year-old Japino Jiro Shirakawa, the 2009 male grand winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit contest.

Thanks Vince Lopez (1st 2 photos) and Jimmy Aguilera (remaining) for capturing the best of Jiro Shirakawa!

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5 Comment(s):

  1. I prefer the Half-Italian better..
    Di siya Guwapo..Sorry..that's my Opinion..

  2. He doesn't have good body shape. The half-Italian is better and also with goodlooking face.

  3. It's just that you don't have that TASTE OF MODERN TREND IN MODELING WORLD. That Italian guy is, yes, good looking but his looks are not into modeling. He is not photogenic, unlike Jiro, both in person and in picture.. He looks good. With so-so slim body which Mossimo is searching. And there he is. Jiro is the chosen one. Congrats to you Jiro. You're becoming famous. That's of some envious jerks are making you down.. But don't mind them. You're on top now and just keep it up dude.

  4. hooray for JIRO SHIRAKAWA!!!

    sorry, biased ang fan...

  5. jiro is d best among d rest...