Meg Magazine May 2009: Melissa Ricks


From afar, you would think that the May 2009 cover girl for MEG Magazine is a foreign celebrity.

She is actually half-Pinay Melissa Ricks, who stars on ABS-CBN's newest toprating series on daytime Kambal Sa Uma.

Here's a preview story of Melissa Ricks on Meg Magazine:

On the night of her prom, Melissa was dancing with her prince, her hands wrapped around his shoulders, his eyes gazing into hers while the soft music played on. But in a swish of red satin and under the dimming lights, an enraged aunt pulls her from the dance floor, tearing her away from all that was perfect. Her dress, her prince, her magical night were all gone, destroyed by the sudden perversion of reality.

Of course, this isn’t really Melissa. The prince however, played by Matt Evans, still begs the question, “What if?” and time has yet to tell whether or not the two will end up together. But no matter how fictional the setting, Melissa Ricks—if anyone would take the time to know her— is every bit as surprising and amazing as the colorful scenes that make up her showbiz life.

Often pigeonholed to play sweet and naïve personas, Melissa takes on the role of Selena, a rebellious and unruly teenager originally played by Dina Bonnevie in the1980 film, Underage. Despite the stark difference between her character and who she is in real life, Melissa is able to play the part so convincingly that it’s easy to forget she’s relatively new to the business. In her latest project, Kambal sa Uma, she plays a rat, and while most starlets would feel disappointment, even contempt for the said role, Melissa’s excitement is infectious, her passion and dedication to her work is transparent in the way she is thankful for every opportunity she’s been given.

Starting out as a young contender in Star Circle Quest, Melissa got eliminated early on the show, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her lifelong goal to become an actress. When a project went awry, she didn’t lose hope and instead tried again. And again. And again—until a breakthrough role and a lasting love team finally gave her a shot at stardom. Far from where she first started, even with the tremendous and impossible strain brought about by the demands of her career, Melissa succeeds as an actress and as an inspiration. A young and promising artist bent on taking as many challenging roles as she can, Melissa doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t” and will do anything to prove it.

Growing up did you always want to be a celebrity?
Gusto ko talaga maging singer but I didn’t have the gift of voice, so I wanted to be a model. I auditioned for commercials, for print ads and hindi ako natatanggap. I didn’t know how to act so in-enroll ako ng parents ko sa ABS-CBN Public Workshop, e nagkataon sabi nila “O lahat ng nagwo-workshop pumila kayo may mga auditions.” So pila ko with my friends and then yun natanggap ako. First time ever ako natanggap sa isang audition was with Star Circle Quest.

When was the moment you realized that this is the industry you want to be in?
Right when I was accepted in the audition. Sabi ko, “Not everybody has this chance.” Kasi I saw how many people andun sa pila, may nagigitara, may kumakanta, nagme-memorize ng monologues nila, nakita ko na ang dami palang gusto maging artista. And then for me na matanggap, dapat pagbutihin ko naman, diba?

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