Edouard George prefers 'Hole in the Wall' than 'Mossimo Bikini Summit'

On Mykiru's previous post, it was first revealed that two male finalists for the Mossimo Bikini Summit '09 have been removed from the list and one of them is Filipino-Belgian Edouard George who voluntarily backed out of the competition.

Mykiru gets the details as to the reason why...

Edouard George has backed out of Mossimo Bikini Summit '09 contest to concentrate on his stint on GMA 7's Hole in the Wall.

He has been in the show since it premiered last April 20.

In an exchange of messages with Edouard, he revealed to Mykiru that they wanted him to choose between "Mossimo" and "Hole in the Wall". Edouard eventually chose the TV show over the contest. Good decision!

In the said show, Edouard has been gaining popularity as the sexy male assistant and lifeguard of Yaya (Michael V.) and Angelina (Ogie Alcasid). And right before an episode ends, Angelina would tease Yaya and Edouard ('coz Yaya wants to date Edouard).

And how about the female assistant/lifeguard named Cheryl Oliveros who incidentally is also one of the female finalists of Mossimo Bikini Summit '09?

Edouard also shared that Cheryl is now out of 'Hole in the Wall' and has been replaced by a certain Patricia.


Edouard or Ted, 19 and stands 5'8", was born in Switzerland to a Belgian father and a Filipino mother. He turns 20 this September.

He was one of Cosmopolitan Mag's 69 Bachelors for 2008. Last April, he was supposed to be one of the new members of the Cappuccinos, but it didn't push through.

As an aspiring actor, Edouard had a short appearance in the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Picture Baler.

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  1. i see him in hole in the wall and he is super cute........his smile melts ur heart