Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the Mothers in the whole wide world!!!

At siyempre kay Jennylyn Mercado, who finally let Patrick Garcia see her son Alex Jazz, pero hanggang pictures lang na unang nakita nga sa May 8 article ni Ricky Lo sa Philippine Star.

Here's one sample picture:

No doubt, baby Jazz looks like his father Patrick. So cute!!! At may potential nang humarap sa camera.

It would be Jen's first ever Mother's Day celebration as a mother bukas (May 10), kaya naman siguro in good mood siya para ipakita na finally ang mga photos ni baby Jazz.

Maybe, in preparation ito for the upcoming launch of her coffeetable book about motherhood and for sure, we'd see a lot of baby Jazz there.

O di kaya'y promotion ito for Jennylyn's birthday concert this May 14 and 16 at the Music Musem?

Entitled I Am Woman, the concert will have Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs, Christian Bautista, Richard Poon, Jasmine Fitzgerald, Coolchx member Gemma Fitzgerald and Nico Antonio as special guests.


And speaking of babies, there's a new list of the most popular baby names in the US released just recently:

Top 10 names for baby girls
1. Emma
2. Isabella
3. Emily
4. Madison
5. Ava
6. Olivia
7. Sophia
8. Abigail
9. Elizabeth
10. Chloe

The Top 10 names for baby boys
1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Ethan
4. Joshua
5. Daniel
6. Alexander
7. Anthony
8. William
9. Christopher
10. Matthew

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