Bong Revilla on scandal photo: It's photoshopped!

Senator Bong Revilla claims that the intimate kissing photo of him and former sexy star Assunta De Rossi was obviously photoshopped.

The senator, who also hosts Kap's Amazing Stories every Sunday on GMA 7, points out that the lower part of the photo was the one digitally manipulated.

In the full version of the said photo, Sen. Bong and Assunta are totally unwrapped exposing their lower parts, most especially that of Sen. Bong.

He though doesn't claim it as fake because according to him, it was taken from a scene in one of his blockbuster movies entitled Kilambot At Kembot.

Kilabot at Kembot was R-18 during that time. In a review from CBCP World, the movie had objectional features such as vulgar language, erotic dances, very skimpy costumes, womanizing, and prolonged and suggestive s-x scenes.

That was in 2002, the time he was on his 2nd year as chairman of the Optical Media Board (OMB).

And still according to Sen. Bong, he was not yet a Senator then.

Yes, Bong Revilla was elected Senator in 2004, but he was already in public service since 1995. He was elected Cavite Vice-Governor in 1995 and eventually Cavite Governor in 1998.

So why the sudden fuss about this Bong Revilla photo?

Some say it's because Sen. Bong overly reacted on the issue of Hayden Kho scandals.

Yes, Sen. Bong is in the position to do so but I believe that Sen. Bong is not in the BEST position to fight for the rights of women as what he is rallying for. Lady Senators such as Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Loren Legarda, Pia Cayetano or Jamby Madrigal could have been bearable as the one who will describe Hayden with the worst of the worst adjectives ever existed.

Those people who are criticizing Sen. Bong are not necessarily in defense of Hayden, but they are the ones who believe a senator like Bong Revilla has more important issues to focus on rather than that one.

Even columnist Lolit Solis says the Senate is overly reacting on the matter.

In one Yahoo! Groups I've recently joined, you can read a lot of comments about the Sen. Bong vs Hayden issue:

Janno: "The nerve of Bong Revilla! pabibo masyado i mean ano mapapala ng bansa if he keeps on focusing on these kind of stupid issues, 1st dun kay Alec Baldwin statement at mail order brides now naman its Katrina...I mean doesnt he have other laws to implement on how to better economy, improve homeland security and help the ailing movie industry? instead of focusing sa mga ganitong kacheapang issues.. i mean ipagbawal ang s-x videos sa philippines! ? c'mon F-ck-ng ridiculous!! ! what kind of law is that? lets just make a better law about piracy...Ah things Politician do for elections!"

Sancho: "Senator revilla need not use the halls of the senate to express his outrage. "

Those were just two opinions. But of course, there are also in favor of what he did. But I could hardly find one. If you are, speak up please!

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