FIBA Asia 2013 Schedule of Games & Results - Preliminary Round

FIBA Asia 2013, or the 27th FIBA Asia Championship, officially opened Thursday, August 1, 2013, here in Manila, Philippines.

Scroll down for game schedule as well as live results in the 27th FIBA Asia Championship (2013) Preliminary Round. You can catch some of the games on TV5 to get first-hand information about the results of the game.

Game 1, Iran vs Malaysia (Group C) happened at 11AM. [Results: Iran dominates FIBA Asia 2013 opener bigtime. Quarter Scores - IR vs MY: 42-3, 57-13, 91-15, 115-25]

It was followed by Jordan vs Chinese Taipei (Group A) at 1:15PM. [Results: Chinese Taipei defeats Jordan in tight game. QTR Scores - JO vs TP: 20-26, 41-41, 67-65, 87-90]

Then Japan vs Qatar (Group B) was next at 3:30 [Results: Qatar scores 1-pt win against Japan, 75-74. Japan's Kosuke Kanamaru made a last-minute 3-pt shot to trim down Qatar's win to just 1 pt. QTR Scores - JP vs QA: 25-21, 41-35, 61-53, 74-75]

Held in 2 separate venues were Group C's China vs Korea at 5:45 (Results. Korea upsets defending champion China. QTR Scores - CH vs KR: 15-13, 31-29, 42-46, 59-63) and Group D's India vs Bahrain at 6PM (Results: Bahrain wins in overtime. QTR Scores - IN vs BH: 17-25, 32-37, 58-52, 70-70, 80-82 OT)

Gilas Pilipinas

Perhaps, the much-awaited game for this day was the Saudi Arabia vs Philippines game from Group A which happened 8:30PM. (Results: Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines) wins vs Saudi Arabia at 27th FIBA Asia Championship opener. QTR Scores - SA vs PH: 16-14, 28-35, 46-57, 66-78)

And finally, Kazakhstan vs Thailand under Group D took place at 10:30PM. (Results: Kazakhstan wraps up FIBA Asia 2013 opening with a win vs Thailand. QTR Scores - KZ vs TH: 26-15, 42-33, 69-47, 81-67)

Except for the Indian vs Bahrain game at Ninoy Aquino Stadium, all other games today were held at MOA Arena.


11:00AM – China vs Malaysia, Group C [Results: Malaysia lost to Iran yesterday by 90 pts, and now, they lost by 91 pts. QRTR Scores - CH vs MY: 31-2, 55-12, 79-19, 113-22]

1:15PM - Chinese Taipei vs Saudi Arabia, Group A [Results: The Taiwanese stun the Saudians. QRTR Scores - TP vs SA: 31-14, 48-34, 65-46, 90-67]

3:30PM- Japan vs Hong Kong, Group B [Results: Hong Kong loses in their 1st game at FIBA Asia 2013. QRTR Scores - JP vs HK: 25-24, 41-40, 64-53, 76-59. Group B has only 3 teams due to suspension of Lebanon. Regardless of the results, they will all advance to Second Round.]

5:45PM - South Korea vs Iran, Group C [Results: Ex-NBA player Hamed Hadadi leads Iran to victory over Korea. QRTR Scores - KR vs IR: 15-18, 34-30, 41-51, 65-76]

6:00PM - Kazakhstan vs Bahrain, Group D) [Results: Kazakhstan scores an overtime win. QRTR Scores - KZ vs BH: 18-11, 22-22, 40-43, 66-66, 79-76 OT]

8:15PM - Jordan vs Philippines, Group A [Results: Gilas Pilipinas beats Jordan, secures slot in Second Round. QRTR Scores - JO vs PH: 20-16, 38-33, 47-57, 71-77]

10:30PM - Thailand vs India, Group D [Results: A BIG win for India. QRTR Scores - TH vs IN: 13-27, 30-46, 45-67, 65-89]


11:00AM – Malaysia vs South Korea, Grp C [Results: QRTR Scores - MY vs KR: 15-22, 29-44, 48-58, 58-80]

1:15PM - India vs Kazakhstan, Grp D [Results: QRTR Scores - IN vs KZ: 19-20, 38-43, 48-67, 67-80]

3:30PM - Hong Kong vs Qatar, Grp B [Results: QRTR Scores - HK vs QA: 14-32, 30-44, 47-64, 64-87]

5:45PM - Iran vs China, Grp C [Results: QRTR Scores - IR vs CH: 26-16, 41-24, 54-41, 70-51]

6:00PM - Bahrain vs Thailand, Grp D [Results: QRTR Scores - BH vs TH: 21-18, 43-35, 62-46, 86-62]

8:15PM - Philippines vs Chinese Taipei, Grp A [Results: QRTR Scores - PH vs TP: 19-30, 43-42, 68-55, 79-84]

10:30PM - Saudi Arabia vs Jordan, Grp A [Results: QTR Scores - SA vs JO: 12-18, 28-26, 39-46, 47-63]

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