Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones are engaged! Echo's marriage proposal, one of the cutest ever!

Jericho Rosales and Kim Chiu Jones are now engaged to marry each other and the actor's marriage proposal could easily rank among the cutest, sweetest and heartmelting marriage proposals ever.

Jericho Rosales, 33, proposed to his Fil-Australian girlfriend Kim Jones while at a church service in Alabang last Sunday, August 4, 2013, the day when Kim was also celebrating her 25th birthday.

Echo took the stage and shared about "Why God loves me".

Then he began uttering these sweet words for Kim: "I always ask God, 'why me'? Why does God love me after everything I’ve done in my life? WHY ME...if you take out the 'H', and you add an 'M', it's still WYMME, right? Will You Marry Me?"

You can watch video of Jericho's marriage proposal to Kim at NewLifeMedia's Youtube channel.

It was a simple...yet very cute and touching marriage proposal!

And we've had a bunch of those in the country. Remeber Coach Rio dela Cruz's jeepney proposal?

Jericho isn't actually the first to propose on girlfriend's birthday nor in a religious gathering. Other ordinary people have already done those. But he was able to make it really creative and romantic, to make sure he'll get the precious "YES!"

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