Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera together for Rogue September 2013 issue

Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera are photographed together, for the first
time, on Rogue Magazine this September 2013.

Ace photographer Mark Nicdao posted this teaser photo of Rogue's issue
next month via Instagram. It has the hashtag #TeamPamQ and the words "queen", "sweetheart", "fighter", "rebel" and "muse".

According to his photo caption, this September, Rogue will celebrate the people behind the scenes, those behind every photograph and fashion.

In another Instagram photo by @thedongyanatics, it has become clear who Nicdao was referring to in his photo.

Judy Ann Santos is the Queen, Anne Curtis as the Sweetheart and
Charlene Gonzalez as the Muse. I'm not just sure who between Angel
Locsin and Marian Rivera is the Fighter or the Rebel. Printed on their outfit is "#TeamPamQ", referring to their stylist, Pam Quiñones.

It's nice to see these 4 Kapamilya and 1 Kapuso stars together for Rogue, and even nicer that Angel and Marian did a pictorial together
for the first time.

The two, who for a long time are considered showbiz rivals, were even positioned beside each other during the photoshoot and were holding hands, like two close friends. They were also pictured, just the two of them.

Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin (with Ms. Dina Castro who shared the photo via IG, @titadinz)

Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera pictorial (credit to Primetime
Queen Marian Rivera FB Page

Will this finally unite their warring fans? Could it be the start of a new friendship between Angel and Marian?

Fans who dwell on the positive are even excited to see Angel and Marian working together in a movie someday.

Let's take it slow. The magazine pictorial could start it all. Who knows? We might see them next together in an endorsement, then for a TVC and to top it all, a big movie project. Anything is possible.

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