Morissette Amon tops Team Sarah Geronimo on 'The Voice Philippines' 1st Live Show

The 1st Live Show of 'The Voice of the Philippines' held earlier tonight, Aug. 25, at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre of Resorts World Manila had 3 artists from each team performing to get the public and coaches' votes.

And by the end of show, the one from each team who failed to top in the voting (text & online) and also failed to get the vote of his or her coach was eliminated.

The voting for each team was opened after the 3rd artist has performed and was closed immediately after the commercial break.

Artists: Darryl Shy ('Danny's Song), Rhada ('River Deep - Mountain
High'), RJ Dela Fuente ('I'll Stand By You')

My Ranking based on their performance: 1. Rhada 2. Darryl 3. RJ

Public's Vote: Darryl (51.41%)
Coach Lea's Vote: Radha
Eliminated: RJ

The results of text and online voting surprisingly had Darryl Shy getting 51.41% of the votes. It wasn't revealed who got the remaining 27.07% and 21.92%.

Among the 4 coaches, I think Lea had the easiest task in selecting who should advance. Radha vs RJ? It's definitely Radha.

Artists: Cora dela Cruz ('Nosi Balasi'), Thor Dulay ('Narito'),
Jessica Reynoso ('I Believe')

My Ranking based on their performance: 1. Thor 2. Jessica 3. Cora

Public's Vote: Thor (43.63%)
Coach Apl's Vote: Jessica
Eliminated: Cora

Thor got 43.63% of the votes, but the artist next to him was so close, with 43.33%, which I guess was Jessica. The lowest percentage of 14.04% was possibly for Cora.

Artists: Talia Reyes ('You Oughta Know'), Myk Perez ('California
King', 'Isn't She Lovely'), Lee Grane ('Make You Feel My Love')

My Ranking based on their performance: 1. Myk 2. Lee 3. Talia

Public's Vote: Myk (54.80%)
Coach Bamboo's Vote: Lee
Eliminated: Talia

Bamboo actually had the hardest choice to make, but it was expected that he would choose Lee Grane.

The other voting percentages were 37.39% and 7.81%. I think Talia got the lowest votes.

Artists: Eva delos Santos ('So Far Away'), Junji Arias ('I Don't Want To Miss A Thing'), Morissette Amon ('Jar of Hearts')

My Ranking based on their performance: 1. Morissette 2. Junji 3. Eva

Public's Vote: Morissette (57.16%)
Coach Sarah's Vote: Eva
Eliminated: Junji

Sarah had a hard time choosing between Mommy Eva and Sir Junji. It took her so long to reveal her choice. It was a difficult decision to make. But I was already expecting her to pick Mommy Eva.

Sarah G lookalike Morissette Amon got a very high 57.16%, while the other two only got 25.70% and 17.14%.

Celebrity couple KC Montero and Rhian Ramos helped campaigning for Junji via Twitter during the voting period. But it wasn't enough to beat big votes for the 17-year-old Morissette, who Sarah humbly described as a much better version of her.

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