Noynoy Aquino announces pork barrel abolition 3 days before the "Million People March"

President Noynoy Aquino has announced today, August 23, 2013, the abolition of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or popularly known as the pork barrel.

The full transcript of PNoy's live announcement held at noon today is available at the PH government website. Or you can watch it on this video by RTV Malacanang.

PNoy pushing to abolish pork barrel could be one thing we should be thankful about the whole pork barrel scam issue involving Janet Napoles. But many are still in doubt over PNoy's announcement, believing that he's just gonna give a new name or a makeover to the controversial PDAF.

In his previous statements, the President already rejected the idea of scrapping pork barrel. What could have urged him to change his mind?

PNoy's bold move came 3 days before the "Million People March to Luneta", an anti-pork barrel protest to be staged at the Luneta Park this Monday, August 26.

Whether he's sincere or not with this pork barrel abolition, it just goes to show that PNoy is, at least, willing to listen to us.

Now, we have to follow closely on whether those officials who abused their pork barrel will indeed be punished.

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