Ben Affleck is the new Batman! Good or bad choice?

Ben Affleck is the new Batman?! Didn't see this one coming.

Warner Bros. has announced today that they have already picked 2-time
Oscar-winning actor-director Ben Affleck as the new Batman / Bruce Wayne, and will star alongside Henry Cavill as Superman / Clark Kent in 'Man of Steel' sequel.

Ben Affleck on the set 'Argo' for which he won numerous accolades as Best Director (credit to Warner Bros. via Affleck's FB Page)

And there are largely NOs to Ben Affleck as new Batman than YESes among the fans who are highly anticipating for the first ever Superman-Batman movie.

This isn't the same reaction as to Christian Bale when he was chosen as Batman in 2004 and played the role in 3 hit movies. Back then, most fans were saying he's a superb choice.

I'm not much of a Batman fan, and I really don't care a lot on whoever takes on the caped crusader role. (I'm more of a Spider Man and Superman fan.)

For most people, Ben Affleck as new Batman is totally shocking, and a
terrible choice.

Can't blame them Perhaps, they're so used to seeing Christian Bale who did so great as Batman, and they have set him as the standard for the

Well, we can't really tell how good or bad Ben Affleck is, until we see him wear the Batman costume and act out the role. Let's give him a chance.

And remember, for a while, Henry Cavill also met such reactions (though
not this worse) when he was picked as Superman. Some were sayin' he doesn't have the so-called "it" factor.

But they got nothing to do with it anymore. 'Man of Steel' became a huge hit, earned almost P800-million worldwide and inspired Warner
Bros. to continue with a sequel, this time including Batman.

The new Superman Batman movie is set for release on July 17, 2015.

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