The Voice of the Philippines, Aug. 4: Did Bamboo make the wrong choice?

The Voice of the Philippines' coach Bamboo picked Paolo Onesa over the Cordovales Duo and it seems like he made a wrong choice again just like when he chose Lee Grane over Dan Billano last week.

During last night's battle round on 'The Voice of the Philippines', the father and son duo Willy and Mark Cordovales were obviously the better performers than opponent Paolo Onesa when they performed 'Panalangin'.

But coach Bamboo favored Paolo, and the Cordovales duo got eliminated, when it was so evident that it should have been the other way around.

Is Bamboo biased? Is he playing favorites? These were the questions raised when he picked Lee Grane last week, and same questions arise once again.

It seems like Bamboo is thinking long-term. If he probably thinks an artist will have a great future ahead, will be marketable, will sell albums, then he'll choose him or her, disregarding the outcome of 'The Battles'.

Even comedian-host, and also a singer, Vice Ganda reacted on Twitter about Bamboo's choice. "As ive seen & heard CordovalesDuo stood out. But im sure Bamboo had a great reason why he pick Paolo."

Aside from Paolo, also picked to advance last night were Penelope Matanguihan over Cara Manglapus and Moira from Team, Kimpoy Mainit over Taw Muhammad from Team Lea and finally, the very deserving Junji Arias over 'the also deserving' Dave Lamar under Team Sarah Geronimo.

Junji and Dave both nailed their song "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was so WOW, the best battle for me this week, in the same level as last week's battle between Mitoy Yonting and Chien Berbana.

'Til next week's battles pipz!

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