Xian Lim and Mommy Mary Anne in new BDO TVC

Xian Lim has a new TVC for Banco De Oro (BDO), and this time, he has a "new" leading lady.

And that leading lady is no less than his mom, Mommy Mary Anne Cruz Lim.

The TVC was shot just last August 26 and it already premiered via ANC yesterday. And probably you have caught already the new BDO TVC featuring Xian and his mom while watching your favorite shows today.

It uses the song "Here We Go", composed and sang by Xian Lim himself.

Watch behind-the-scenes video of the TVC shoot.

I'm lovin' the new TVC. It naturally shows how loving Xian Lim is to his mom, and the enviable closeness they have as mother-and-son.

Plus...Mommy Mary Anne is so beautiful in her first ever TVC. She's lookin' like a star already.

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