Maria Aragon, Thia Megia or Charice: Who's the best singer?

Maria Aragon, Thia Megia and Charice are three young Filipinas who are making headlines around the world for their incredible talent in singing.

And definitely, all three of them are making us all proud to be Filipinos.

10-year-old Fil-Canadian Maria Aragon rose to fame after Lady Gaga discovered her singing "Born This Way" on Youtube.

She got invited to appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "Good Morning America", and just last Thursday, she performed on stage with no less than Lady Gaga. And it all happened in just 2 weeks.

From 'America's Got Talent', Thia Megia meanwhile is again making a name for herself as among the Final 13 of American Idol Season 10. This Fil-Am girl is only 15, but sounds and sings like a pro, that even American Idol host Ryan Seacrest couldn't believe she's just 15.

She recently impressed the American Idol judges with "Out Here On My Own" and even reminded them of Michael Jackson.

Thia will definitely stay longer in the competition and let's all hope that she'll be the first Pinoy to win on American Idol.

Charice on one hand has achieved a lot already, including her GLEE-ful performances.

She also started gaining recognition at a young age of 15 and she will certainly continue to bring honor for our country.

You've heard them all sing and definitely they all sing great, but I want to know, who among them sings the best?

Videos courtesy of TheHumanSlinky, 2welve4ever and rojuanearagon

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7 Comment(s):

  1. oh ... my good goodness ,, why they compares !! both are good singers ..o.k. charice can sing any songs and even sang more than 500s songs ... would you??

  2. they are all excellent singer bec. they are all pinoys

  3. Does it matter who sings better or best? One didn't ask that of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, or Regine, Kuh, and Zsa Zsa. Let's just enjoy them and be proud of them. As Shakespeare said, comparisons are odious.

  4. mas magaling si charice... ang layo nung dalawa...

  5. If Thia can only have the singing prowess of Charice she may have the chance, but the way Idol judges have shown in their comments and using their 'saves' Thia must better watch out.
    I think she's on her way out.

  6. thia have a beautiful voice but need to be refine.aragon is just starting and need to be grown up..charice is too far to a musician and its not important who sings better it is in the song to make one of them famous... the lyrics and to a melody.. made the people likes them...

  7. charice is still the best. though they are all amazing n their own ways. So proud for them achieving so much at such a young age. Way to go fo us. Please continue to make our countrymen proud for you. God bless you all.