Willing Willie March 12 episode, Jan-Jan and Willie make headlines worldwide

Willing Willie's episode last March 12, which featured a sexy dance of an innocent 6-year-old boy, is now making global headlines after it has become a national controversy in the Philippines.

Several international news organizations have already reported about the said controversial episode in their respective web sites.

Here are some of them:

Daily Mail Online in UK: Tears of humiliation: Boy, 6, mocked by audience as he danced for cash on TV show

BusinessWeek in New York City: Philippine TV host sorry for 6-yr-old's sexy dance

7Days in U.A.E.: Striptease anger

Gulf Times in Qatar: Probe launched into child abuse accusation

METRO in the UK: Tearful boy, 6, 'traumatised' after being mocked on TV game show

For this issue to catch global attention, there must be something wrong with that Willing Willie episode.

I feel sad for Jan-Jan coz he might suffer trauma for the so-much media hype, not only in the Philippines but also in the world. He will grow up being haunted by this controversy.

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  1. And yet people think its OK! Get REAL people!