Thia Megia lands Bottom 3 with Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone on 'Idol' Top 11 Results

Thia Megia was in the Bottom 3 on American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Results, as revealed on Thursday night episode (Friday morning here in Manila).

But thanks, Thia was later declared SAFE.

The other two finalists in the Bottom 3 were Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams.

It was all their first time to be in the Bottom 3, which was quite suprising.

Thia delivered great performance last Wednesday when she sang the Martha and the Vandellas song "Heatwave", while Stefano and Casey are considered favorites in the competition.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced Casey Abrams, who's been ranked #1 by Mykiru last week, as the one with the lowest number of votes for the week and should be eliminated, but the three Idol judges used their one-time "SAVE" power and let Abrams stay in the competition.

No one went home this week and that just means, two finalists will be voted off next week. And that worries me for our dear Thia.

I hope she'll reach the Top 5.

Watch video of Thia Megia's Top 11 performance:

Video upload courtesy of megiafamily

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6 Comment(s):

  1. Kindly and please support Thia Megia till Top 5 since she sangs unique and a probably good one. All the Best for you and THUMBS UP Thia...

  2. i dont know what the filipino-americans are watching on tv... seems to me they dont watch american idol...!!!

  3. The judges love the screaming and yelling singers in the competition. Thia should sing snappy songs too ...she has the voice...she got talent...she should listen closely to the judges comments and do waht the judges want her to do in order to stay in the competition...This I want u to pls listen to the judges...don't be a typical hard-headed 16 yr old

  4. Virgilio you r right >>>> thia should listen to the judges >>>> there are lots of nice songs thia can sing...thia get away from ballads bec the judges are bored with ballads>>>

  5. Her voice is amazing but she needs to choose better songs & bring more personality on stage to showcase her talent to get more votes from other viewers not just asian-americans. She really needs to step up her game or she will bore viewers and the judges.

  6. she should follow the pattern of charise ,thia surprise the judges go into a birit (belter) performance ,I am positive only you and Pia is on the race for AI .