Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 video hits 10 million views on Youtube

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami video:A raw video of the recent Japan Earthquake and Tsunami continues to get more views on Youtube that after 4 days, it now has almost 10 million views, with 11,926 likes and 43,746 comments. Wow!

The video description says it was taken at the uploader's residence in  Aobaku, Sendai city, Miyagi, Japan as they were experiencing the strong earthquake. So far, it's the most viewed video related to the Japan earthquake last Friday. Watch the said video...

The second most-viewed "Japan Earthquake and Tsunami" video is the CCTV of the tsunami posted by Russia Today, with over 7 million views. Watch!

Videos courtesy of kirakirayuji and Russia Today

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  1. wow that was sad i can't believe what happen in japan on saterday i was at my dads house and we let balloons go in the sky and we dedicated them to all the people who died in japan and my great grandma that died god bless the people that died and rest in peace

  2. We all are frightened with all events in Japan from great amount of videos on Internet. The last what I saw was video from http://www.torrentoff.com which shows ruins that left after disaster. Earthquake could still end up being worse than this in terms of number of deaths, number of people left homeless, and total property damage