Photo: James Younghusband and girlfriend

Since news broke out early this month that Azkals' James Younghusband already has a girlfriend, search queries about him on Mykiru Isyusero have increased.

The blog received queries like "James Younghusband girlfriend picture", "James Younghusband taken" and "James Younghusband dating", all hoping to see a photo of his girl.

Some were still not convinced that their favorite Azkals player is already taken as they searched these terms: "is james younghusband single?" and "does james has a girlfriend?"

There were also those who searched about the Fil-Brit Azkals player being already married.

So, for those who've been searching for it, here's a photo of James and his girlfriend:

James Younghusband and girlfriend picture

The photo was uploaded by 7th High on their Official Facebook Page and was taken during the club's grand opening.

The girl is identified as Fiona Faulkner, only 18 years old and also half-Filipino, half-British just like James.

Here's one more photo of James Younghusband and his girlfriend, this time with fellow Azkals player Anton Del Rosario and her girlfriend:

Photos courtesy of 7th HIGH Club Facebook Page

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