Facebook Scandal 2011: 'Alexander Rible - Annika Scandal' and '3 Police Officers in Naked Photos'

Facebook is indeed not just a social networking and chatting website, but it seems like it's also a good venue for uploading of scandal photos and videos, which is actually bad.

In 2010, we encountered many Facebook scandals.

Mykiru was able to blog about a video scandal of two gay high school students as well as the "Edwardson Base video scandal", both were posted and circulated on Facebook.

And now, too early this 2011, two new scandals have also originated from Facebook.

Facebook scandal

First, the scandal photos of three police officers from Iloilo. Only one of them (PO1 Christian Ray Gallofin) was naked in the photos, flashing his 'private gun' with 2 of his fellow policemen in the background (PO1 Rolando Rivera and PO1 Jay-R Evangelio).

It was Rivera who uploaded their own naked photos on Facebook, just for fun!

But still, they're cops who shouldn't be doing it in the first place. According to a report from ABS-CBN, the said 3 policemen have been dismissed already from their job.

The other new Facebook scandal involves naked photos of Annika (not her real name), an HRM student at St. Jude College.

The pictures were allegedly posted by her own professor and ex-lover, identified as Alexander Rible, also the Dean of HRM Dep't in the said school.

The Daily Tribune reports that Rible is now facing 3 criminal charges, one is a violation of the 'cyberboso law' which was enacted following the scandal of Hayden Kho Jr and Katrina Halili in 2009, but the law is still on its 'trial' stage.

The photos were allegedly taken by Rible while Annika was asleep, and later leaked them on FB after the student broke up with the professor.

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN

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