Georgina Wilson BURADO on Showtime | Kiray Celis BLAMED for what happened!

Georgina Wilson and Jason Abalos were evicted yesterday as Showtime judges, leaving Kiray Celis and Ryan Bang in the panel of judges for next week.

Jason was only a judge for a week while Georgina was a judge for 7 weeks until she got evicted yesterday.

That's why many viewers were sad to hear Georgina as "Burado" and I was one of them.

I was actually expecting Ryan to go but I was surprised that he got saved again.

I'm sorry but I've been wishing Ryan to get evicted, because if you're an avid Showtime viewer and you watch the show everyday, you will really feel the "sawa" factor.

He has nothing new to say as a judge and also has nothing new to do for his "sample".

I love Ryan's personality, but for 27 weeks as a Showtime judge, wow!, that's too much.

He's also over-exposed already. You can see him everyday on "Banana Split" and also on "Matanglawin" every Sunday. He still has a solo show on Studio 23 right?

Now going back to Georgina, some fans are blaming Kiray Celis for Georgina's eviction.

Allegedly, it was Kiray and her fans who've been voting off Georgina.

Kiray defended herself on Twitter, "wala po akong kasalanan sa pagkawala ni Mommy @ilovegeorgina. Kaya wag nyo po akong sisihin. Gaya nyo, love na love ko din sya!"

Georgina on her part assured her fans that she's fine. "To all my fans most especially the 'Georgies' thank u so much for supporting my Showtime stint. Pls don't feel bad / mad anymore. Spread love," she said on Twitter. "Even though I just wanted to go home and cry - went straight to shoot a new magazine cover. No time to be sad. It's coming out in May guys."

Georgina also revealed that she is set to leave for Bangkok, Thailand this Monday, to shoot for a new commercial and will stay there until Thursday. That means, even if she was saved yesterday, she would still opt for a voluntary eviction to do the TVC.


Georgina though is still among the Top 10 longest-staying judge on Showtime, according to an entry on Wikipedia. Jhong Hilario is still on top, with Ryan in close 2nd and might grab the top spot if he continues to get saved on the coming weeks.

1. Jhong Hilario 30 weeks
2. Ryan Bang 27 weeks
3. Gladys Reyes 15 weeks
4. Karylle 13 weeks
5. Andrew E. 10 weeks
6. Dimples Romana 7 weeks
6. Georgina Wilson 7 weeks
8. Amy Perez 6 weeks
8. Nikki Gil 6 weeks
10. Kaye Abad 5 weeks

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